About Us

The AFE Parent Community financially supports the AFE community. We provide funds to enable or enhance programs, activities, and events. We also help with supplies and resources. Some of the things that have been supported by the AFE Parent Community in the past few years include: Theater for all ages, sports teams for grades 6-12, Clay Studio, ROV and Engineering Classes, Games Group, Economics class for high schoolers, Orff music for elementary students, family poetry workshops, and field trips. We also have donated supplies for Family Art Night; resources—books, games, audio CDs, DVDs—for the resource center; classroom supplies for teacher-led classes; art supplies for the Palazzo Studio; and lots more.

The Parent Community relies on donations and fundraising in order to offer support for all these things. Without fundraising, these programs, classes, activities, and resources will no longer be available at AFE.

Each year in the spring, we have a big "Drive for Schools" fundraiser where you can win a car and other prizes. Please consider participating! (Dorothee will print the labels for the stickers; no need to handwrite!)

Our JSA (Junior State of America) chapter puts on two dances a year. Proceeds go the community via the AFE Parent Club.

Thank you for supporting the AFE Parent Community.